High pressure Filter


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Hersteller: Domnick Hunter
High Pressure Filter - Series OIL-X IP50 ADVANTAGE
  • Medium pressure filter for applications from 20 barg to 50 barg
  • Meets or exceeds the requirements of the International Standard for Air Quality Delivered in all editions of ISO8573-1 for compressed air quality
  • Merging filters fully tested in accordance with ISO12500-1
  • Power independently validated by the Lloyds Register
  • Elimination of oil, water and dirt - Available in six filtration lines
  • Ideal for Food / Drink / Medicines / P.E.T. applications
  • FDA Title 21
  • EC1935 - Exempted 2004
  • Trouble-Free and High Performance - Quality Oil XPLUS ADVANTAGE
  • 10 years insure on the filter housing
  • Convenience of installation - compact accommodation design
  • Port options - BSPP / NPT - also available weld flange kits
  • Filter up to 350 bar on request.
Hersteller: Domnick Hunter
High Pressure Filter - Series GH 100 and GH 350
  • High pressure filter for compressed air up to 100 bar or up to 350 bar
  • Volume flow 188 m³/h to 2787 m³/h or 365 m³/h to 4261 m³/h
  • Connection sizes G1/2 to G 11/2
  • optimal for high pressure ranges up to 100 bar
  • Pleating with a 4 times higher element surface compared to conventionally wound construction
  • with double O-ring seal to protect the housing threads from dirt and moisture from the outside
  • Ready filter including filter element and manual drain
  • Optionally available without manual drain
Hersteller: Zander
High Pressure Filter -Series G - 25 up to 50 bar
  • High pressure filter 25 to 50 bar
  • Volume flow 188 m³/h to 2787 m³/h
  • Thread connection G 1/2 to G 11/2
  • Proven Zander G series
  • Ready-to-use filter with manual drain valve
  • Optionally available without drain (drain open, not ready for operation).