Parker domnick hunter is world-renowned for compressed air filtration and separation. Domnick hunter invented filter technology, which still sets standards today and is constantly evolving. This involves effective solutions for compressed air treatment. The focus of domnick hunter's work is to ensure the supply of high-purity compressed air of the highest quality. Whether for the operation of industrial machines or plants, or in the food and beverage industry, Parker domnick hunter offers products of the highest quality for energy-efficient use.

As a Parker partner, pure! offers you the comprehensive Parker domnick hunter range and other services such as installation, commissioning and maintenance support.
Pure! advantages at a glance:
  • Highest energy efficiency and lowest total cost of ownership worldwide!
  • Guaranteed air quality throughout the life of the filter element!
  • Easy maintenance!



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Hersteller: Domnick Hunter
High Pressure Filter - Series OIL-X IP50 ADVANTAGE
  • Medium pressure filter for applications from 20 barg to 50 barg
  • Meets or exceeds the requirements of the International Standard for Air Quality Delivered in all editions of ISO8573-1 for compressed air quality
  • Merging filters fully tested in accordance with ISO12500-1
  • Power independently validated by the Lloyds Register
  • Elimination of oil, water and dirt - Available in six filtration lines
  • Ideal for Food / Drink / Medicines / P.E.T. applications
  • FDA Title 21
  • EC1935 - Exempted 2004
  • Trouble-Free and High Performance - Quality Oil XPLUS ADVANTAGE
  • 10 years insure on the filter housing
  • Convenience of installation - compact accommodation design
  • Port options - BSPP / NPT - also available weld flange kits
  • Filter up to 350 bar on request.
Hersteller: Domnick Hunter
oil-xplus advantage
  • Filter elements for the filter series Oil-Xplus
  • Min. Operating temperature range 1.5°C - 66°C
  • Meets and exceeds ISO 8573-1 tested to ISO 12500-1
  • Lowest total cost
  • Energy savings of 49% over the original OIL XPLUS element
  • Lower environmental impact reduces CO2 emissions
  • Guaranteed and lasting high air quality
  • Designed to retrofit original OIL-XPlus filter housings
  • Replaces standard AO, AA and AO-TS, AA-TS rank elements
  • Maximum operating temperature 100°C
Hersteller: Domnick Hunter
domnick hunter OIL-X
  • New series of compressed air thread filters
  • Flow rates from 36 m³/h to 3600 m³/h
  • Connection from G 1/4" to G 4"
  • Max. Operating pressure 16 bar gauge (20 bar gauge AA / AO dry particle or ACS oil mist separation)
  • Compressed air quality validated according to ISO 12500-1: 2007 and ISO 8573-1: 2010 by independent experts
  • Reliable separation of solids, oil and water aerosols and oil vapors
  • Guaranteed compressed air quality in compliance with maintenance recommendations
  • Increased machine utilization and productivity due to less downtime, less maintenance costs
  • Constant guarantees lowest differential pressures throughout the lifetime of the element with a high dirt holding capacity
  • Low differential pressures reduce operating costs and ensure economical operation
  • Optimal price-performance ratio of operating and wearing parts costs
  • 10-year guarantee on the filter housing
  • Permanently high energy savings and thus improved CO2 balance for your company
  • Lowest differential pressure in the market of only 125 mbar


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