pure! is your specialist for compressed air and technical gas solutions.

Our highly efficient and durable range of products for filtration, adsorption dryers and air refridgeration dryers, breathing air purifiers, Nitrogen generators, laboratory gas generators and condensate technology enables us to provide solutions for all kinds of requirements. Up to eight year long warranties ensure high operational reliability. Our comprehensive sales team provides the best service and ensures a long service life of your systems. pure! is certified according to §6 of the ChemKlimaschutzV

pure! offers an extensive portfolio of depth and membrane filters, integrity testers and stainless steel filter housings for the food, brewey, dairy and pharmaceutical industry. Our laboratory is at your disposal for extensive services such as integrity tests, autoclaving and further examination. Laboratory gas and nitrogen generators, carbon dioxide dryers and scrubbers complete the range.

Specifically for the food & beverage sector we offer solutions for almost all conceeivable applications.



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