With over 50 years of experience in the development and manufacture of cooling solutions for compressed air and gas treatment, Parker Hiross is the global market leader. The systemic product range serves all customers with the following tasks: Refrigeration dryers, coolers, modern dryers with tandem technology and siloxane removal systems.

Low-maintenance in design and energy-saving, Hiross guarantees outstanding quality in the application of its products. Maximum productivity and low operating costs are achieved through reduced contamination and maximum uptime.
Pure! advantages at a glance:
  • Highest energy efficiency!
  • Lowest total cost of ownership!
  • Constant dew point performance!
  • Compact design!



Experience Hiross products now!

Hersteller: Hiross
Starlette Plus E (SPE)
  • High Performance compressed air refrigeration dryer
  • For volume flows from 24 m³ / h to 600 m³ / h
  • The series with the lowest CO2 balance on the market
  • The lowest running costs and the lowest power consumption in this area
  • Fully integrated high performance aluminum heat exchanger ("E-Pack", patent pending)
  • Minimal refrigerant charges (average 25% less than comparable rows)
  • Dual frequency pre-equipped for applications at 50 or 60 Hz
  • Digital control unit with these functions:
    • Free contact
    • maintenance reminder
    • Arrester control (time-controlled mode)
    • Wall suspension possible (up to model SPE018)
    • Easy access to the arrester from both sides
    • Compact dimensions
Hersteller: Hiross
Tandem Dryer Antares (ATT)
  • High performance compressed air drying system with revolutionary tandem technology
  • Flow rate 2.5 m³/min. up to 34 m³/min. (Larger volume flows on request)
  • Lower operating costs compared to conventional cold and warm regenerating adsorption dryers (lower purge air requirement and lower energy consumption of the heater).
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to lower desiccant filling with increased service life.
  • Constant dew point performance - no peaks above the setpoint.
  • "Dew point control function" for seasonal operation (optional bypass line).
  • Additional energy savings at partial load - (dew point dependent change).
  • Compact overall dimensions - small footprint - space savings.
  • Technology for compressed air and nitrogen can be used
  • Dew point adjustable between -70°C and +3°C
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to lower desiccant filling with increased service life
Hersteller: Hiross
Polestar Smart (PST)
  • High performance compressed air refrigeration dryer with energy saving control
  • For flow rates from 720 m³/h to 10800 m³/h
  • Suitable for all compressed air applications
  • Suitable for all compressor types, even with variable flow rates
  • Refrigerated compressed air dryer with the highest energy efficiency for compressed air
  • Lower pressure drops reduce operating costs
  • Reduced cost
  • Significant contribution to the indirect reduction of CO2 emissions to the environment
  • Safe pressure dew point
  • Also available in water-cooled version


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