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pure! was founded in 2016 as a result of a joint strategic decision by the American group Parker Hannifin and pure! GmbH to establish a new, independent sales and service company. The aim of this organisation is to bring the technologies of the Parker Hannifin brands domnick hunter, Zander and Hiross closer to the market and to provide compressed air dealers, direct customers and Original Equipment Manufacturers with simple and efficient access to products and after-market services. 

pure! recently moved into a new office and warehouse complex in Diez, Rhineland-Palatinate, with over 1000 m² of storage and 750 m² of office and workshop/laboratory space. We have 5 regional area managers responsible for sales in Germany and we currently operate a fleet of 8 mobile service engineers, equipped with the knowledge, experience and tools to carry out installation and commissioning, routine maintenance & repair as well as diagnostics and performance monitoring for our extensive compressed air & gas product-portfolio. 

Our understanding of the term "process" refers to sterile air filtration and membrane liquid filtration, primarily used in food and beverage manufacture as well as chemical and pharmaceutical production. Our extended service capability in this field of application includes product integrity validation, system performance monitoring and optimisation, diagnostics, maintenance and repair.



To remove obstacles and enable universal accessibility to the best in compressed air & gas treatment products


To be an employer and supplier of choice, who goes the extra-mile.


We lay great store in sustainability and the conservation and protection of natural resources through our actions, operations, products and services. We value the creation of meaningful internal and external business relationships.

PSE refrigeration dryer series with environmentally friendly refrigerant 513A

Environmentally friendly refrigeration dryers using low *GWP (*Global Warming Potential / Treihaus-potential) refrigerant in accordance with the requirements of the F-Gas Regulation (EU) No. 517/2014 are the best choice to protect your investment, the climate and the environment. R513A refrigerant with low GWP (*Global Warming Potential) in all units, protects the environment and prevents possible violations against the use of refrigerants with higher global warming potential.

The highly efficient SmartPack design, the electronically controlled hot gas bypass valve and the innovative microchannel verflüssiger result in a refrigerant circuit with lower power consumption and approx. 40% less refrigerant charge compared to conventional refrigeration dryer solutions.
The energy-saving function enables the dryers to save energy at partial load by switching the refrigerant compressor to idle while the incoming compressed air continues to be cooled by the stored cold reserves of the aluminium mass of the SmartPack heat exchanger.
All models are designed for a dual-frequency power supply (50/60Hz). Installation flexibility is ensured by the side selection of the unit's inlet and outlet air lines on models with multiple coolers from PSE750.

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