Old Series: Cooling & Refrigeration

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Large Capacity Dryer (LCD)
Certified Quality
The high quality standard of the LCD range is certified by the "CE" mark in accordance with directives EN 97/23/EC, form H1 (PED), 2006/95/EC, 2006/42/EC, 2004/108/EC. All the dryers ensure constant quality of the treated compressed air in compliance with Standard ISO 7183, also thanks to the many functional tests each single dryer undergoes in accordance with ISO 9001 quality assurance procedures.

Condensate Dischargers
The entire LCD range comes standard with two timed dischargers, already installed and connected, whose control is entrusted to the microprocessor provided standard in all models. Electronic dischargers with level sensor are available by request.

Fast And Easy Maintenance
The easy and complete access to all the components, including the electrical panel, simplifies and speeds up technical maintenance interventions.

Respecting The Environment
The sophisticated technological solutions utilised by Parker Hiross, together with the use of ecological refrigerants (R404A standard and R134a by request), offer every user considerable and real advantages in complete respect for the environment.

Special Versions
The LCD is a product suitable for adapting to the real application needs of users worldwide, through the use of special materials and treatments, customised electrical panel and controls, applications for low or high pressure, etc. Many special versions have been designed that make the LCD are truly unique dryer.
Contact your Parker Hiross partner for a study and appraisal of the best solution for your application.
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Large Capacity Dryer (QSR)
  • Economical water management through closed-loop operation
  • No risk of contamination due to the refrigeration circuit developed, manufactured and tested against the formation of refrigerant leaks
  • maximum energy efficiency through minimized energy consumption
  • Low energy consumption through the use of R407C refrigerant and Compliant scroll screw compressors
  • with powerful logic, for maximum operational efficiency and precise temperature control
  • Easy maintenance due to operation in a closed circuit
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Hyperchill Laser HLS
  • Chiller especially for laser applications
  • Cooling capacity from 5 KW to 116 KW (larger capacities on request)
  • Hydraulic circuit of non-ferrous metal, container, evaporator and water pump made of stainless steel, which guarantees the quality of the coolant.
  • High-precision control of the temperature of the escaping water with two hot gas valves (± 0.5 C).
  • PID software, specially developed and tested for the most precise temperature maintenance, even with changing loads.
  • High pressure pumps that ensure constant water supply and constant pressure in the system.
  • The hydraulic circuit with storage and filling tank, evaporator and pump, which form a compact whole and are easy to use and to install.
  • Electronic controllers with proprietary software, which make all key parameters of the unit easily accessible and specific intervention for special requirements, even with remote control.
  • capacitor filters
  • Independent condensation chamber
  • Well accessible concept with easy usability.
  • Low energy consumption due to oversized capacitors and evaporators and by using flexible scroll compressors (from model HLS022).
  • Can be used at ambient temperatures of up to 45 ° C, which prevents standstill even under extremely harsh conditions.