Oil Water Separators


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  • 6 different sizes
  • Maximum compressor capacity from 2m³ / min to 60 m³ / min.
  • For all compressor oils
  • Easy and simple exchange of elements.
  • Multiple condensate inlets.
  • Alarm display.
  • TEST bottle and TEST discharge for sampling.
  • All pure! Condensate trap types, both time- and level-controlled, can be used.
  • For specific customer requests we offer further options.
  • Small footprint.
Hersteller: Domnick Hunter
domnick hunter ES 2000 Series
  • Single piece units – reduce overall footprint
  • Robust, corrosion resistant, polyethylene construction, includes ribbing for extra strength
  • Large centrifugal inlet chamber provides effective venting of compressed air energy, whilst multiple  inlet ports and four inlet chamber positions simplify installation
  • Large, easily cleaned primary settlement chamber  for the accumulation and removal of dirt particles
  • Large main tank increases settlement time and reduces oil carryover to carbon filter stage
  • Large internal galleries reduce risk of an internal blockage and simplify maintenance
  • Oil absorbing pre-filter(s) protect carbon stage from bulk contamination  Large carbon stage for increased contact time, improving water quality and extending carbon life
  • High specification carbon for improved service intervals
  • Adjustable oil outlet funnel for the efficient removal of separated oil
  • Sealed external oil container for easy oil disposal
  • Sample tap removes need to disconnect outlet piping when obtaining a test sample