Electrical trace heating systems for gas and liquid enclosures

  • Easy installation
  • Can be retrofitted to existing filter systems
  • Exact temperature measurement via integrated Pt100
  • Silicone heating jackets (IP65) for indoor and outdoor installation
  • Glass fibre heating sleeve for indoor installation
  • Controllable via SPS or separately available controller

In many applications, it is necessary to heat the filter systems to a constant temperature. This prevents, for example, condensation of moisture on the filter or crystallization of product on the filter element or filter housing. Both, the crystallization and the condensation of liquid on the filter, considerably impair the throughput capacity of the filter element. In such applications the constant heating of a filter system prevents these crystallizations by maintaining a constant process temperature. In gas applications the moisture can pass through the filter unhindered in gas form.
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Ret. Price 4.259,62 €
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XBHSI05-230V (x1)
Filtergehäuseheizung mit Controller (AT-Gehäuse)
Ret. Price 3.122,73 €
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XBHSI05KN-230V (x1)
Gehäuseheizung mit Controller
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XBHSI10N-230V (x1)
Gehäuseheizung mit Controller
Ret. Price 4.010,25 €
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XBHSI20N-230V (x1)
Gehäueheizung mit Controller
Ret. Price 2.063,68 €
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XBHSI10N-230V-NC (x1)
Gehäuseheizung ohne Controller