• Over 10,000 products in the field of compressed air and gas
  • Personal care by experienced staff
  • Own service team
  • Fast reaction time

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pure! Products

  • 10,000 products in the assortment
  • fast delivery
  • Delivery of complete systems
  • Single parts & accessories
  • Delivered directly from the manufacturer
  • Comprehensive documentation available online

pure! Service

  • Maintenance & Installation (also third-party products)
  • Installation of compressed air and gas systems
  • TÜV accompanying measures
  • Leakage measurements
  • Trainings online and on site
  • Quality management for compressed air and exhaust air
  • Volume flow and pressure dew point measurements

pure! Engineering

  • Market and industry knowledge from over 30 years of practice
  • Product, service and construction from a single source
  • Design and calculation of systems
  • Profitability analysis / calculations
  • Construction of special equipment
  • System- and solution-oriented consulting

Parker Brands

Parker domnick hunter

Focus on Filtration & Separation  
Parker domnick hunter is known worldwide for compressed air filtration and separation components. Whether for the operation of industrial machinery and equipment, or in the food and beverage industry, domnick hunter offers the highest quality products for energy efficient use.

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Parker hiross

Focus on Cooling & Refrigeration
Low maintenance in design and energy saving. Hiross ensures outstanding quality in the application of their products. With over 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of cooling solutions for compressed air and gas processing, Parker Hiross is the global leader.

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Parker Zander

Focus on Adsorption
Zander is the brand of adsorption dryers that sets standards in air quality, energy efficiency, reliability and ease of use. First class technical expertise, continuous innovation and extensive industry knowledge have been proven by Parker Zander for more than 40 years.

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