Carbon Dioxide Quality Incident Protection Systems


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Kohlendioxid Politursysteme
Hersteller: Domnick Hunter
PCO2 - Carbon Dioxide Quality Incident Protection Systems
  • CO2 polishing systems for the carbonated beverage industry
  • Comprehensive 6-stage polishing technology
  • Easy installation
  • compact design
  • Low maintenance
  • Gravure Case
  • Meets ISO9001: 2000 standards
  • Materials of construction are subject to independent reviews to comply with FDA Code 21 CFR federal regulation
  • Carbon Dioxide quality guarantees efficiency in removing combinations of potential impurities and contaminants
  • The protection against impurities, which are known to create taste defects in beverages, helps to avoid product misprints and protects the reputation of the bottling companies
  • International sales and services support the experience of more than 20 years