Old Series: Adsorption Technology

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Zander K-MT - Generation 2
  • ​Fully automatic heatless regenerating adsorption dryer
  • Volume flow from 8 m³/h to 940 m³/h
  • Efficient up to a pressure dew point of -70 ° C
  • Ready to connect adsorption dryer including prefilter and dustfilter 
  • Optionally available with mounted dew point control
  • Multitronic plus control
  • Pressure dew point from -25°C to -70°C
  • Ready to use adsorption dryer for a pressure dew point of
  • Standard -40°C.
  • Higher capacities and operating pressures, inlet temperatures or lower pressure dew points on request.
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domnick hunter PNEUDRI MIDIplus
  • Heatless regenerating adsorption dryer
  • Volume flow 41 m³/h to 299 m³/h
  • Reliability of the plant - trouble-free operation of machines and processes that run on compressed air
  • Dry and clean air for all applications
  • No contamination of products / processes / plants
  • Low maintenance costs - Reduction or elimination of unexpected / unscheduled asset maintenance and improved budget control
  • Lower energy consumption of the system
  • Low environmental impact through the plant
  • Conformity with legal regulations - eg. B. Supporting compliance with regulations for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries
  • * ATEX compliant option available.
  • For hazardous areas is a fully pneumatic and ATEX compliant
  • PNEUDRI version available.
  • ATEX Directive 94/9 / EC,
  • Group II, category 2GD, T6.